Are You in Denial?

I am going to move the conversation in this blog to a little inspiration and a little motivation. Might have a touch of religion in it too, but it will be worth it.  This is a topic that I have seen not only in small business, but though the eyes of sub-distribution that I have worked with in larger companies.
Let’s pretend you’re name is Rochelle and you own a small specialty business selling components.  You’ve been in business for five years and for the last 3, you’ve had nothing but 2-3% annual growth.  You have had people around you suggest recommendations of change, but you are stuck in your own ways.  You think you know everything and that know one really knows your knowledge or skill set.
This is when as a business you need to make a decision, do I continue to stay open or close the doors or let someone in who has some ideas that I may not necessarily agree with, but could work or could fail miserably.  For 99% of you out there, you are more worried about failure than success.
I love this quote from Michael Jordan.   Success happens when you fail.  You learn from your failures and get better.  The problem with a ton of business owners is that they fail and then they stop taking risks because after too many failures, they don’t want to fail again.  Do you think a kid is able to ride a bike without training wheels after a couple dozen mistakes?  You are the kid learning the bike and if you are too afraid to take the training wheels off and accept mistakes, then why start a business?  A business…IS NOT A HOBBY!
As someone who has faith of his Savior, Jesus Christ, and I am not here to be all preachy for those who may not draw close to Him, but one of the common thoughts I have always had is that if we put Jesus Christ first in our lives, everything else will be okay.  Think about what he did for all of mankind.  He died for the remission of our sins.  He died knowing that we are going to screw up, commit sins and he took that burden with him…
So what about a business?  Do we put that in the hands of Jesus Christ too? No…but like we are all human beings, with our free will or agency and have the ability to make our own decisions, just remember this – We will commit mistakes (sins) in our business (life) and as long as we can forgive ourselves (repentance), and try again to do better, we can make our business successful.
The point of this blog is don’t be afraid to make mistakes and when you make too many mistakes in a row, don’t give up.  Use those mistakes as leverage to grow and succeed!


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